Doctor's Choice Pneumatic Walker Boots

Product Highlights

Push to release air valve
20% lighter than competition
Vacuum sealed pneumatic bladders to prevent air leaks
Easily adjustable air cells increase stability and compression while decreasing pain and swelling
Polymer molded upright struts conform to leg providing greater comfort and increades durability
Designed for the treatment of stable fractures and ankle sprains
Rocker bottom and low profile heel facilitates a more natural gait pattern
Wider footbed provides a more comfortable fit
Cushioned heel for greater energy absorption
Additional strap provides for padding to the ankle
Short – designed for less serious injuries such as stress fractures, diabetic ulcers, and post-op bunion surger


Sizing Chart
Small M 4.6 - 7 / W 6 - 8
Medium M 7.5 - 10 / W 8.5 - 11
Large M 11 - 12.5 / W 12 - 13.5
XLarge M13+ / W14+

Items Included

One (1) Doctor's Choice Pneumatic Walker Boot

Product Warranty

KMS Medical Surgical Supply offers a 30 day return policy. This product must be in brand new condition and in its original packaging to be returned. The return shipping is the customer's responsibility. KMS ensures the product will arrive in brand new, working condition. Should your item arrive damaged, please let us know, and we will replace your product at no additional cost.

Doctor's Choice Pneumatic Walker Boot

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